I was diagnosed with moderate mitral valve prolapse with mild regurgitation while in the ER for extreme dizziness but they gave me no treatment or medication or even information about the condition, just sent me home. How am I supposed to know when my condition is in need or help or putting me in danger? I'm constantly short of breath even just eating or putting on a shirt and I can't walk into the next room without hitting the floor and it's been like this for more than three months now. A total of 7 doctors have said they have no idea what's wrong and have done so many tests.

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  • Sara_Jean


    Maybe you have vertigo have you been checked

    • HarperRae


      yes, they said it sounds like vertigo but didn't diagnosis me with anything

  • ShyUn


    Are you having high heart rate ?

    • HarperRae


      yeah, it's 110 resting, 140 standing

      • ShyUn


        You you need to be on a beta blocker to slow your heart rate and stop the palpitations and adrenaline rushes to your heart they told me the same thing brushed it off and I was having chest pain with mine I thought I was dying everytime I still have chest pain not as bad but it has made a hinge difference your heart being that high all the time isn’t healthy ask about beta blockers I take metoprolol but they have different kinds Also you should get tested for POTS

  • Mary_Jill


    I also have mild regurgitation of the mitral valve. Was also in A Fib but had a cardioversion and it’s back in rhythm. I don’t get dizzy but my feet are really swollen and I too get tired just walking. The front and back of my legs, buttocks and lower back seem to tighten up but when I sit down it goes away. So frustrating that they can’t figure out the problem. Can’t do any sort of exercise now and I used to walk daily.

  • Rowboat


    How have you been? Have you gotten any help?

  • Skittlemasterrawr


    I would definitely go get checked out even when I feel As if my heart could beat out of my chest I go to the ER , seriously be careful and take your precautions and definitely keep up on your medications. Also how are you feeling now?

    • HarperRae


      unfortunately every time I go to the ER, they tell me that it's not a real problem. Last time I went because I couldn't feel my legs and kept almost passing out and the nurse rolled her eyes and said "definitely not cause for an emergency room trip" and another doctor laughed at me and walked away when my hr was 180 and I couldn't breathe right. There aren't any other hospitals close enough and I cannot drive

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