Anyone else with OSDD or DID or like high levels of disassociation have casual ways to ground? because our usual way is like holding an ice cube or like severe temperature I know that there's also a way to do like scents too? ive hsard that sometimes those help people but I'm at work and I need like a little bit more of a casual accessible way to ground if that makes sense

Other Specified Dissociative Disorder (OSDD)

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  • Ghost_Cat


    Sometimes I like to take a finger and run it along the sides of my other hand's fingers, slowly breathing in while you go up and out while you go down. Your fingers are very receptive to sensation so it feels kinda funny, but it helps me ground if I do it slow enough, and timing my breathing to the movement helps me focus. To everyone else it kind of just looks like a fidget.

    • Melodie_sys


      thank you soso much for replying I'll try this!

      • Ghost_Cat


        of course!! No problem <3

  • rj.crow


    If you keep a little bottle of peppermint oil and a small cloth or diffuser necklace that might help since the smell is cold and intense. That’s what I usually do

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