Anyone have any good ideas or tips to help with pain

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  • Mario


    For the long run I suggest strength and flexibility exercises such as Yoga and Pilates, they helped me a lot. When I need immediate relief I take aspirin and lie down with a towel rolled up under my pelvis- it helps my hips relax and stretches out the tension in my lower back

  • Sunflower1


    I agree with Mario about exercising, especially core exercises- strengthening the abs and back plays a critical role in supporting my lower spine. Moreover, I try to stretch my hamstrings a few times a day which is extremely helpful in lowering my pain.

  • MeMa


    I have a lot of spinal problems failed back surgery, but June of 2017 I got a spinal cord stimulator which has helped so much.

  • Louise197


    Walking helps, and definitely stretching your hamstrings and your t band help a whole lot. I did also have a nerve block done on each side and it was a life changer

  • Mermaid


    Walking and moving around often so your back doesn’t stiffen!

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