i recently got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. it was uncontrolled and then i had a physical and Bam .. I was told I had it.. what tips do u have to snack healthy through out day. i find my appetite has decreased due to feeling blah/nausea. I know that's not good.


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  • TurtleRose


    I am terrible when it comes to food, I have little to no appitate... Even (ok if my CBD gets switched, 🤔,)... But I have always had crackers, peanuts in even m&m's. You want to eat healthy but that doesn't mean you have to give up your favorite foods but you do have to limit them. Remember all honeymoons come to an end. (Honeymoon is when your diabetes is under control). Can be from a cold bug/flu, not enough sleep, you sneezed wrong (JK). Sometimes your insulin is off, old, no good. When mine is off course (due to decline of rest of my medical issues and not eating right) I start by food intake or lack thereof, my physical being. If it's food or activity than I correct it and am usually fine but if by the beginning of the week if I'm still not doing better I call my diabetic Dr.

  • Mimi1575


    Well I was feeling blah/nausea and my doctor said it was from taking Metformin and told me to stop taking it for a few days to see if I started feeling better. I stopped it and sure enough I started feeling better. Now I just take farxiga.

  • Slimgdy


    Yea I did a life change 2019 brought everything down cholesterol BP A1C messed up 2020 21 a bit fictitious started on the metformin didn’t like it I take more natural remedy’s like thec1 st time brought my numbers in range and why I get my prescription filled at Walmart they are pushing me with this Met to refill it…it’s crazy

  • Mimi1575


    Make sure you have orange juice in your fridge bc if your blood sugar drops it is the only thing that will bring it back up quickly and make you feel better.

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