Does anyone else with DID convince yourself that you're making it all up even though you've been diagnosed with it? (and in my case, I've been diagnosed with it twice 😖) What helps you accept your alters?

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • JoranTal


    I was almost diagnosed with DID and I sometimes felt like I was making it up. But I found that automatic writing helped me process what my, what I call, “safety identities” were trying to teach me

  • Eren2273


    Yes, that's a completely normal symptom of DID. In fact, it's one of the biggest indicators that you are not faking.

  • spicysugar


    Yeah, I have this problem too. In fact I have one alter that will come out here and just have breakdown after breakdown about faking and that we're doing it for attention. But my thing is; who's attention are we getting? Our partner dosent want us to have this. Our parents, heck no, they don't think it's a real disorder. Brother thinks I'm crazy. Friends-- except one-- don't believe me and I can tell they don't and are just placating me. Also, it's real cool how I can just have a whole mental break, pick up a vape thinking it's a weapon of some kind and break down my partners bedroom door thinking they've kidnapped us because he's never been out in this house before then (he's embarrassed about it now), and then just completely forget that whole thing happened. (Scared the christ out of my partner but thankfully they knew what was going on and could help him calm down). It's good, in my opinion, to keep track of the crazy stories people will tell you about yourself to look back and think "yeah I should remember that event and dont". Or to keep track of all life's big events, graduations, weddings. And think about everything you remember, and realize that people without DID could probably tell you their favorite moments, or about an unruly guest, or even what they were wearing underneath the graduation gown. Just some things that help my system~

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