hello! I am going to keep this short. I have a few conditions causing back pain and nerve pain shooting through my shoulders, legs and neck. I am going to have a L3-L5 spinal fusion in a couple weeks. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous, especially about the recovery going well and what this means for work down the road. Just wondering if any of you have gone through this procedure and have any advice for me.



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  • Johnnybegood


    Not I, but I do know that I found relief guidance in counsel through a combination of chiropractors in physiotherapists in the past prior to having surgery I would recommend having tried other alternatives first

    • Mr_Glass


      hey thanks! I appreciate the advice. Unfortunately because of how severe the slippage is and having multiple fractures in the area as well I have to have the surgery. I explored physical therapy and strengthening the area which made the pain worse every time.

  • Pinkcloud


    💕I’ve have had 4 Spinal Fusions & My Best Advice I’m s Only This. Don’t try & Over Do Anything!!! Take You’re Pain Neds even if You Want to Be Superman… Because Even Superman has Down Time. House Work… Can Wait… Laundry Can Wait… Take Care Of “YOU”!!! You’re Recovery Depends On What & What Not to Do. Watch how to Do A Log Roll on YouTube, it Definitely Helps getting in & out of Bed. Sleep with Pillows under Your Knees or between your knees laying on your side and hug a pillow as well they both take the Strain off your Lower Back. This Will Be You’re Pain… No One Else Will Feel what You Feel. I found that Writing You’re Feelings down Helps A Lot. Keep A Look g of what & when You take any Meds or Eat. It’s Easy to Forget when You’ve Eaten or Taken Meds. Hope This Helps❤️🥰Good Luck. All My Best to You🤤😍🥰❤️🌻

  • SeaMe


    I have had 2 fusions going on my 3 soon and one Cervical Spine Graft and fusion, listen keep your mental strong as possible, stay positive, smile even when you don't want to and things just look blurred in front of you. No one believes I have had those surgeries when they see me or that I still have to undergo more, it's because I try to stay positive. It helped alooooot. In Nov I was supposed to have Cervical surgery again and I had the biggest panic attack and I realized I had all these negative thoughts in my head about it not one thing was good, I actually cancelled it and now I'm in therapy 2 a week to prevent having any kind of procedure. Long story short it's your mindset that will heal you

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