Hello everyone, I have just realized that I have this disorder but cant make a Drs appt to confirm diagnosis until Mon

I thought I had BPD. Ive been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. But I started noticing patterns of mental issues that seem to go with my cycle.

Every 2 weeks my husband and I fight like cats and dogs for 2 weeks.... (BPD cycles every 2 weeks as well)

I have misphonia, which I just learned is when repetitive sounds drive you crazy.

I have:

feelings of sadness, despair, thoughts of suicide (I always thought it was passive suicide ideation, which is sometimes a symptom of bpd)

Always tense; I have anxiety and panic attacks.

Mood swings, I used to cry alot until my husband said I was using it as a manipulation tactic and I choose to bottle up those emotions and turn it into anger instead of sadness. Not proud of this; Simply stating facts 😢

Which brings me to lasting anger and irritability that affects other people 😢

Lack of interests in daily activities and relationships 😢

Trouble thinking or focusing (I thought this was adhd)

Tiredness or low-energy (thought it was depression)

Food cravings or binge eating (yes)

Trouble sleeping (nearly always)

Feeling out of control (yes 😵)

Physical symptoms, such as bloating, breast tenderness, headaches, and joint or muscle pain (I WAS TOLD THESE WERE NORMAL PERIOD SYMPTOMS!!!)

And finally:

The last time I was without extra hormones in my body from birth control or pregnancy:

**trigger warning: self harm**
The last day of my last period for my oldest was Jan 3 2010. Exactly 2 weeks prior to this day was Dec 20th 2009... which happens to be the day I last tried to unalive myself. Also would have been the 1st day of my PMDD cycle...

Im sorry if i triggered anyone, this is the first time I am admitting it to anyone who wasnt there and Im really sorry if it triggers you but Im saying it because:

While men assigned male at birth are more likely to die by suicide,
women assigned female at birth attempt suicide three times more often.

I am a statistic. Before I ever knew I had the disorder 😢

How do you cope? Does Midol help? I've never tried it... Is there a medication out there to help with the symptoms or is it a therapy only approach? Do we just avoid the ones we love 2 weeks out the month so we dont accidentially hurt their feelings???

Any/all info or suggestions your willing to give will be greatly appreciated!!

acute lethargy

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Low Mood

Chronic Headache

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)


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  • Katharina


    The doc sometimes puts you a meds that week of PMDD. Some 24/7. I have PMDD and I’m not taking an meds currently. But I’m trying out Flo Vitamins. Just started but it seems to be taking of the edge already.

  • hurtstotouchfire


    Yeah this is one of these diagnoses that can really make you frustrated with society and in particular medical science for being so shitty at working with women / AFAB people. I was suicidal every month in the week before my period started before I got on Zoloft. It's a really low dose but it totally did the trick. I do think that hormonal interventions (like birth control) helped when I was younger but I was also on some other SRIs so who knows. I've been on a hormonal IUD for a couple years now and that seems to be the best option for me. I went off Zoloft about six weeks ago, and so far no suicidal ideation... 🤞

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