so I dated a guy. specifically my childhood best friend. I ended things because there was too much chaos in both our lives and it was bad for my mental health. I kinda went ghost after that but we started hanging out and he recently met someone and is talking to them. he is very much head over heels but I think there is still something for him in my heart because he's been spending the last couple nights at my place and we've been cuddling as a comfort thing for the both of us. before he started talking to the other person, he actually said that he was thinking about when we dated. I'm not sure what to do because as much as I think there might still be something there, he is absolutely happy talking to the other person and I don't wanna ruin that


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  • strawbrry


    he could be happy talking to someone else but have feelings for you but also think about how fair it is to the person he’s talking to and to you. if you still like him make sure you’re sure if you’re feeling and let him know he most likely still thinks about you and maybe he’s not sure where you guys stand in all of this

  • Fenix


    well I know the person he's talking to. The person is ftm and asexual. I have jokingly and honestly offered to be there if my friend needs to get laid as they have both agreed that he can go to other people to get laid so long as it doesn't turn into something more than that. We often tease each other about it and we have somewhat of an inside joke from when we dated where he says "f you" and I'm like "you almost did."

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