do you have multiple nerve related health issues and are they all connected?

Hereditary and idiopathic neuropathy

Diffuse connective tissue disease

Fibromyalgia (FM)

Pudendal Neuralgia (PNE)

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  • benz


    I have many nerve related health issues all connected to neuropathy, some other. You?

  • moonandstar3


    my neuropathy started as a teen in my thighs, so far there are no signs of MS. My hands and feet are numb. I can't work with buttons or small items. I have terrible sciatica. My taste has altered in the past 2 years and nothing tastes good. My whole digestive tract isn't working so well just found dismotility in my esophagus after 10 years of troubles and testing. Just found auditory processing disorder that also began 2 or 3 years ago. My memory has gotten bad and either I stumble when I speak or I throw out the wrong words for what I mean or both. My legs are giving out and I am working out in hopes to help everything. That's a pinch. Just looking to see if anyone else has the same things going on.

  • benz


    I am struggling w all of those as well except sciatica and taste. Digestive issues that nobody can find rhyme or reasons to

  • Beithne


    I have fibro and neuropathy and auditory nerve issues and a weird misfire issue that causes me to twitch randomly while awake, and sometimes looks like a full blown seizure when I'm asleep (but eeg isn't indicative). I think mine is partly from having gotten Rocky Mountain Spotted fever twice and partly inherited from my father (he had twitches too, but was never conclusively diagnosed). I do get weakness in my limbs, again, randomly and sometimes post exertional. And sciatica!!! And costochondritis...

    • moonandstar3


      I have been twitching and have focal seizures. Still learning things about myself from doctors. I'm in a hard core neuro based PT. I'm going to have to look some things up.

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