Does anyone else get so tired when on adderall extended release? I took it just 3 hours ago and I'm sooo sleepy I'm even drinking coffee with it. I'm trying to do work but I feel like I need to go take a nap. 😴


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  • dopaminedeficient


    How long have you been taking it for? I used to get really tired on it in the beginning but the sleepiness should go away as ur system adjusts. It's really common for stimulant meds to make adhd patients tired, because they have a calming affect on our mind and/or body.

  • IcedChai


    well I was taking the instant release for the past month and this month the dr switched me over to the extended release form I've been on the extended release for 1 week now.

  • TwilightMac


    I've heard so many people say adderal makes you hyper. I have never felt that. It calms me down to the point of sleepiness too.

  • TiffanyA11B


    I get really sleepy when the Adderall is wearing off or when I forget to take my midday dose. I forget the midday dose I am so sleepy even when drinking a bunch of coffee.

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