Soooo.... I really dislike my neurologist. Ive seen him once so far, and he asked a bunch of questions and was super thorough in gaining info about my migraines. I really liked him for that, but then he asked me how they started. I told him that I woke up from anesthesia from a nerve block with a migraine and it never went away. He then went on to make assumptions about my CRPS, my (amazing) pain management specialist, and even went as far as to say I should stay away from her and she shouldnt be practicing. He then said the nerve block was unnecessary because my CRPS wasn't causing me extreme pain (it definitely was) and that he doesnt believe in CRPS at all. He said it doesnt make sense and that I dont have CRPS, but something else which he never clarified. I left with no answers, no plans, and a doctor who bashes his patients other doctors because he disagrees with thier forms of practice. Does anyone know of a better neurologist in the DFW area or a place where I could search for one?

Migraine with aura

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  • Beth2022


    Definitely time to find a new neurologist

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