it's been a long journey but I'm finally feeling pretty well. Invega and Seroquel are what I'm on and I feel pretty level headed. I've tried about 10 other meds and they either put me too manic or too low. Good luck to you all I hope you find something that works well.

Schizoaffective Disorder (SZA, SZD or SAD)


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  • Wolfy96


    I don’t know if I am spelling g this right but Geodon works for me. I started taking it a month ago and seen significant changes.

  • Alina123


    I never had experience in psychosis thank God 🙏. However, I was diagnosed with the worst bipolar type one which has a little psychotic symptoms. Which bothers me because everyone's experiences are different. However, I found a mood solution for me that works and lowers the episode of my psychotic symptoms. Like some of us hear voices and such. Well my research I have been searching for and looking for natural alternative solutions. I found organic vegetables and fruits are extremely healthy with a ketogenic mixed with Paleo diet for me. Since I struggled with my weight up and down. I found this helps with Dr.Eric Burg keto healthy diet plan helped me along with learning organic nutrition & exercise. It helped my energy and my mood stabilize itself. I am truly amazed. I will take daily Cod liver oil by oly brand on Amazon a brown glass bottle has fennel and rosemary in it as an herb a teaspoon only daily. I take real Olive oil with organic lemon and drink a tablespoon for energy and it has minerals in it. I stopped all caffeine products and sugars and soda's or any coke products. I stopped some gluten. I am still working on that part. I have a Paleo mixed keto diet which is working well at this point. I feel happier and healthier. I eat grass-fed organic chicken, beef and livers. I eat wild caught fish like mostly salmon or others. I eat shrimp cocktails. I eat seaweed snacks with avocado oil in it and sushi. I have organic keifer peach it's like yogurt at night. I drink organic juices. I suggest taking a bit of organic natural sea moss in the morning With very little. There is one website "natural organics" they have collagen peptides with sea moss you can definitely take it with mud water that I drink in substitute for coffee in the morning. It has lots of benefits. I pray daily to Jesus Christ and I honestly feel healthier even from a spiritual perspective respectfully. I have been praying. I feel only God was able to show me things to help my mind. I am also hoping it will help others with what I found. I pray daily for my family as well because they suffer from the same thing just some of them. There is one of my own family member I love dearly is in a worse state they suffer from schizophrenia mixed with bipolar. I just pray to God one day all those meds eventually can decrease if it is God will if not. I hope one day for a miracle there is a cure for those that suffer at the degree it puts those in a psychic breaks or psychosis. 🙏 I love you all and I hope this knowledge helps some of you as well or all of you. That are looking for natural alternatives. 🙌 Jesus Christ name

    • TJisstudious93


      I have been trying to find a good diet. It's difficult I'm a picky eater and I don't buy my own food so I have to request what I want.. how it is right now anyway.

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