Hey, so, I've been trying to figure out for the past, like year, what my "spasms" or "twitches" are. Based off all the research I've done, they seem to be tics but I've been calling them "twitches" since I'm not too sure cuz there's so much information. My twitches are usually triggered by physical or emotional feelings (ie cold breeze, stress, excitement, h0rny(yes, super embarrassing when that happens), and a few more). We recently changed doctors and all that and I haven't been able to talk to a professional yet. In the mean time, can anyone give some thoughts on what you think it could be?? Could my twitches be TS or is it some sort of nervous system something or other or something completely different.


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  • Xzla


    I have the same thing and I also have no idea what they are lol

  • Tired247


    I have tics! Mine stem from my Autism and Anxiety! I tell the difference by seeing how I'm feeling in the moment like how you explained in the post. It is hard to tell exactly what tics are from, it took me 3 years of researching and studying myself with no help from doctors to realize why I was having tics and from what. Not a doctor but from what you told me in your post it could be a nervous system thing but it could be a TS thing. I'd get an actual doctor though which is seems you are doing which is good! Hope you find out what's causing your tics! 🤗

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