what's helped you for nightmares and the following depression in the morning? i have awful nightmares and every time i have nightmares i feel like crap in the morning

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)



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  • cosmocola


    As a kid I was Catholic and I would pray every night to not have nightmares or at least not remember em. Might seem kinda silly but I think reinforcing that you won't have nightmares might help?

    • cosmocola


      It did work! I also had a dreamcatcher that I'd "empty"

  • crocodellie


    Weirdly enough, what used to help me was putting on a sleep playlist of calming music I loved and falling asleep to it

  • XCxsmic.CalamityX


    When I was 16 I took a medication that made me stop dreaming all together and I hated it, I can't remember the name, but usually I get up for a bit, grab a glass of water, and listen to calm music, then go back to sleep.

  • Clarity


    When I wake up from vivid nightmares, I find that light is my best friend. I'll turn on the lights and find 5 beautiful things to look at, or I'll find a funny video on my phone. After, I like to ask myself what my subconscious was trying to communicate... Sometimes after a dream, nothing/everything feels real so that helps me distinguish my real emotions from the emotional dream

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