my friend who has ADHD says that I might have it or add..I just want to figure out if I actually do have ADHD or add aleast..everyone who I talked to says I have the symptoms but I don't who to trust

Attention-Deficit Disorder

Anxiety (Including GAD)



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  • Panda_Bae


    Do you have anxiety? Because sometimes they have very similar symptoms so it could either be ADHD, ADD, or even anxiety

  • Marss


    I have ADD and for me it is like hard to focus, headaches, forgetting things very soon and often, getting distracted and side track very quickly, very little attention span, and overstimulation, I also have anxiety and depression which could cause some of these also but if this sounds like you it might be good to look into talking to a mental health professional

  • PhoneticElk


    I got a referral from my doctor for a neuropsychology appointment, I tested all day on the 10th of February and I got my results yesterday :3 the appointment I made was scheduled out 3 months, but it might vary where you live, and everything was covered by my free ACCES insurance. So you could try that, I also might be part of the autism spectrum but the neuro doctor wasn't confident making that diagnosis so my psychiatrist will have to.

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