I switched from Lexapro to Trintellex this year because I was having the lowered sex drive side effect and my psychiatrist suggested it. It's working well for my depression but no effect on my anxiety.

But my main problem is the price. There's no generic available so I'm paying $45 a month when my Lexapro was 100% covered (so free for me).

Anyone who has been on either of these medications, did you switch to something that worked better? Should I just go back on Lexapro and deal with the side effects?


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  • Angie


    Hey kitty, I do know that Trintellex is used mainly for depression- so maybe it doesn’t affect your anxiety. I don’t think you should go back to having low sex drive because clearly, it effects our mood as well.. I’m pretty sure there are some other meds you can try, or maybe add something for anxiety on top of Trillinex. I would visit the doctor again. I believe that customizing these drugs takes time and frustration until you get the perfect combo

  • Tom1991


    Trintellex has a more complex mechanism than Lexapro, which is a classic SSRI. As SSRIs, in general, tend to affect your sex drive, I would suggest asking your psychiatrist which atypical anti-depressants (Non-SSRI) are covered and may work for you. Unfortunately, I've been on SSRIs like forever, but I heard only good things on the newer drugs like Trintellex. Good luck!

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