Hey, how do you all cope with your OCD? Do have have any specific methods? My obsessions and compulsions tend to be centered around needing things to be smooth or clean. I skin pick and tap in twos, as well as have a habit of checking. My doctor diagnosed me with mild/moderate OCD. The only person I know that has it has severe OCD and is also on the autism spectrum, and I feel our experiences are very different

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • benjamin0000


    i'm not entirely sure how to cope with it in a healthy way yet, probably because i got diagnosed with a severe condition, but i do understand skin picking and for that you might want to look into fidget/stim toys. fidget toys help distract your hands so you can't pick elsewhere and there's a wide variety of them. i would recommend buying some from etsy or this website called (they have good prices and free shipping if you live in the us and canada)

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