I have been told I don't have adhd. then others says I totally have adhd. I'm so confused. I also been told I have adhd symptoms but not adhd! is that confusing for anyone eles?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Bumbling_Bee


    There are definitely people who have ADHD symptoms but are neurotypical and there are also other conditions that can present similarly to ADHD like autism. The best way to know is to get diagnosed but that's definitely not accessible to everyone. You can look up the DSM-5 and find a free pdf online pretty easily. This is the manual that psychologists use to diagnose so even if it's not necessarily a concrete answer but it can definitely help.

    • lizzy.chillzz


      thank you so much appreciated it!

  • Something


    I know how you feel. I'm not diagnosed with ADHD, but I know I have it. My parents say I don't have it tho.

  • Elytra


    You could easily have ADHD symptoms and them all be symptoms of other disorders! There's a lot of overlap of symptoms with other disorders.

  • Addy.Maryanne


    Ive had many test and all say possible so hoping I get a yes or no. Totally get u

  • Hayleysue


    I’ve been told by my therapist that I definitely have ADHD (using the DSM-5) and I’m trying to get a diagnosis but clinics are full and if I’m put on a waiting list I wouldn’t get in until 2024. Are there any other ways I could get diagnosed without going to a clinic?

  • princessblue


    I feel all of you guys. I have the symptoms too, and some people say I have it and others are like what are you talking about. I also can't seem to get diagnosed either.

  • Elllie


    I have Adhd and no longer experience the hyperactive part as often as usual so everybody thinks that I have “Outgrown” it which is not what happens I just mask it

  • ncizzle


    What do you mean by others? Were these doctors who some said you have it and some said you don't?

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