My dad refuses to use my name and pronouns, but for some reason when he deadnames and misgenders me it doesn't hurt. he's the only one who doesn't affect me the same way, so I was wondering if you guys had that one person.

Gender Dysphoria

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  • Beetlejuul


    My family doesn’t use my name or pronouns either, and I’m not happy about it but I don’t care enough to try to correct them. I guess because I know my plan is to cut them out of my life when I get my own place and have a stable job

  • pfftl0ser


    i haven't came out to my family yet, but when my mom or my sister uses she/her i don't mind it. i think, for me at least, it's a source of comfort from childhood or something

  • Kirin


    My mom frequently forgets but I am not hurt by it. I know she respects me and is trying it is just hard for her to remember in the moment.

  • PinkPupButt


    its a bit weird isn't it? the only person I would ever let call me feminine things would be my SO and I'll always be my dads little girl no matter how different my gender expression is now from then.

  • seejay


    that’s me with my coworkers honestly, and i don’t really know why. i also am fine with my dead-REAL-name(don’t want ppl calling me it but like, it doesn’t trigger me) but i absolutely hate people calling me by my dead-NICK-name, if that makes sense idk gender is weird haha

  • ASulSul


    This is how I feel with my extended relatives! I don't really care that they don't use my name and pronouns because I don't really care what they think and I barely see them

  • entendre


    totally. how they see and treat me matters way more than names and pronouns to me, so i factor it in as part of the equation, but each of my relationships (familial, platonic, romantic, doesn't matter) are unique and call for their own standards. i expect less from coworkers because I give much less to those relationships. my parents calling me by the right name has only become important as I've gotten older and closer to them as people. its cool how it evolves over time

  • saggee


    I think I just gave up in trying to correct them and in a way that I dont care anymore? Maybe it’s just cause I’m used to it? I have more dysphoria relating to my body though so that’s most likely why

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