a part of me want to self harm again because my bf broke up with me yesterday but apart of me don't want to because I just got my community access changed to were I wanted It to be


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  • IndigoBro


    I would advise you use this opportunity to focus on urself b/c relationships are hard and so is addiction. Community access is a win and u earned that all by urself :))

    • favoritefaith99


      that's true

  • Bee1989


    I agree wholeheartedly with IndigoBro! I don’t know who your ex is or how long you were together but I can promise you one thing: you are worth more than that relationship. Don’t let this temporary hurt take away from your hard work and accomplishments! It’s okay to hurt and grieve but don’t let that hurt and grief drown you. You have already come so far and shown such strength and I believe that you can and will continue to shown strength. ❤️

  • MJ1015


    It’s going to feel really crappy for a while but a couple of years down the road you’ll look back and be like “he ain’t shit.” But just try to stay mindful that the feelings you have right now are temporary and you’ll ultimately come out on the other side mentally and emotionally stronger. Your shell is getting thicker by the day💚

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