so I've been having hallucinations and delusions recently (hallucinations are new and delusions I've had for a while) I'm also super paranoid. I think I may be developing schizophrenia, and it scares me. what are other symptoms?

I'm seeing a psychiatrist soon, and I'll update.


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  • pearfruit


    i suggest learning about psychosis and seeing if it sounds right, i think it makes a bit more sense in terms of onset (psychosis can begin in late teens to early twenties, schizophrenia usually begins in late twenties or thirties). it can also be brought on by another condition like depression for example. i’m in the same boat as you, i’ve been experiencing a lot of things over a period of time as well as recently and my biggest fear is it’s something like schizophrenia. it’s so scary to me because it’s such a serious condition. but thankfully we have the means to manage it if that’s what it turns out to be. reading up on psychosis might help though, so i suggest doing that and comparing the two conditions! try not to stress yourself too much, you will get through this ❤️❤️ feel free to dm me about symptoms, i’m not formally diagnosed with psychosis yet (seeing a psychiatrist soon too!) but i might be able to relate to some symptoms! good luck :)

  • Mellow


    Is there an update for either of you?

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