I have a malformed fallopian tube which triggered my body to start puberty early. I started my period when I was 3, and it was a really scary experience for my family. My bones were fusing rapidly and I trippled in weight in a year. My doctors told my family worse case scenario my bones could fuse before my organs were finished growing.

My first treatment was weekly Lupron shots but they had no affect on me. My family and doctors decided to use an experimental treatment on me which was a birth control implant never used for children before. I got surgery every year until I was 10 to slow the growth.

I feel like everyone I see with CPP had a different experience than me. Body insecurities and the affects of treatments like Lupron are valid but I guess I wish I had someone who understands what I went through.

Has anyone has a similar experience?

Precocious sexual development and puberty


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  • WinnieThePooh


    Hey there, I suffered from precocious puberty due to a pituitary tumor. Referring to body insecurity I felt quite the same. It was weird to be in a grownup body when I was only 10. I got a surgery and meds to help it and it worked somewhat…

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