How to deal with chronic loneliness?


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  • Ebashz


    I’ve found online friends help a lot! Find friends all over the world, that way there’s always someone awake to talk to. When it’s late at night I’ll talk to my friends in other countries. Honestly, just putting yourself out there wherever you can is always good. Compliment strangers, hold the door for people, make online profiles, etc. Find people with similar interests and do something together even if it’s online. I play DND with my online friends every once in a while. CAH online is also a great choice for a chill game night! I hope my comment helps, and as always, anyone feel free to message me anytime :)

  • Wanderprone


    I agree, having online friends is great. I listen to a super popular podcast that has multiple Facebook groups that are based on the region/city that you live in and these will have the occasional group meetings in real life. There’s also apps like Bumble BFF where you can meet friends or meetup.com where you can get together with a group of ppl who all enjoy the same thing like hiking. There’s also online support groups for free if you feel like you need to talk to somebody through organizations like NAMI. Volunteering for a cause you like can also be a great way to get out of the house and a way to focus your thoughts outward. This pandemic with a lot of things being online and wearing masks certainly doesn’t help anything so a lot of people can relate to how you’re feeling.

  • LittleEmm


    I also do gaming online, but I still struggle with loneliness sometimes. If anyone knows of more online games that I could play that would be helpful! Maybe we can all play together! I play MyVMK in the evenings. I play pirates ship battle. You can DM me to see when I’m on or for my in-game name. ☺️

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