I recently got dumped and one of the reasons she gave me was because I have too much going on medically. how do I know I am not too sick to still deserve love? I feel very lost and alone right now

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • Anon98


    No one is too sick to deserve love. It's something everyone is worthy of no matter what. It's hard and it's going to suck but you just have to focus on you change what you can and improve what you can't. Just strive everyday to be your favorite self and I promise the right person will come along.

  • SakuranoHana


    I went through something similar with my last relationship but no one is to sick for love you will find that person when you least expect it that person that will love you for you and everything about you. I know it can be hard to think about because brake ups are hard but give yourself time to heal from this relationship

  • Mustard_Yellow


    Some people have a limit on what they can go through. The fact that you are living through these medical issues means that you are way stronger than she is. Just because she cannot handle it does not mean that you don’t deserve love. You deserve to be loved by someone who is also strong enough to carry some of your burdens. Just as you would do for them.

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