Are there better ways to manage depression episodes?

Malaise & Fatigue

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  • Hiraeth


    Idk, umm, try to be mindful of you so you notice one's happening? I usually get surprised figuring out that's what's wrong a few days in. And this is gonna sound stupid bc it's really, really hard, but try to stay positive about things in your life that are steady and good. It can be gardening, or a loving partner or friend, or admiring art, or walking out in nature and appreciating birdsong and the way the light slants golden and green through the leaves. It is not always about the big picture. It can be the warmth of your pet on your lap. Just try to be gentle and kind with yourself. 🤗 Try not to be too frustrated if you can't manage to do something you could less depressed, like if you can't summon the passion to paint, and try to find an alternative if that feels right to you, like colouring books. 💕 If you think you can manage it (decide day by day, event by event), try to still go when your friends drag out of the house and to the aquarium, museum, art gallery, café, park. Even if you don't feel like fun, you still need to feel included as a social being, and it can cheer you up a bit, at least while you're there. 💕

    • Hiraeth


      Oh, and try to find things that get you out of your head! 🤗

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