Hi I am.patricia I am 31 and morbidly obese. I got diagnosed with lympedema in 2020 and I was already morbidly obese and with in 6 months I gained 200 lbs of fluid. I have lost 100 of it fro. being in hospital with covid. after being on water pills an a cath fpr a week I lost thee 100 but I have so much more to go fat wise I started keto in January an I haven't checked the scale I feel like I may be loosing but part of me feels like I will be stuck at this size forever and it scares me because I want to be around for my kids and husbamd.


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  • Ghipsee


    Morbidly obese too with lymphedema of the right thigh.

  • AliRose


    How did you lose the weight? I have it in most of my left side. Started in my foot and has now gone all the way up into my lower abdomen. I have no insurance, no access to wraps or pumps... I just feel hopeless.

    • Ghipsee


      I just got insurance after being admitted in January for a infection of my leg. But even though the insurance company wouldn't cover wraps or pumps. Lucky for me my physical therapist attended a Lymphedema conference and explained my situation and they gave her a compression kit for my leg. It's really a lot to deal with. I have to wear it 23 hours out of the day and even after almost 3 months of wearing it the progress has been extremely slow. I see my PCP the middle of next month and hoping he can change my blood pressure medication because we believe it may be the problem because it causes swelling of the leg.

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