Did anyone else feel like they got meaner/have less control of their filter now vs when they started guanfacine? I've been having a lot of "oops! Was that my out loud voice?" moments.


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  • Mark


    Hi, I actually just started taking this medication and didn’t feel what you're describing yet. How long have you been taking it? When did this start?

  • Ahajbe


    I just started taking (2 months ago) guanfacine for rejection sensitive dysphoria, a disorder that I have read sometimes accompanies ADHD. I have found that I am less likely to rage and less likely to beat myself up about issues that accompany ADHD. My wife says I am a kinder, gentler, more balanced. Although it has been very beneficial to me, that's certainly does not mean it would have the same effect on everyone. Good luck and blessings on your journey.

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