has anyone ever heard of chemo that they put in your bladder and lock it in for 24 hrs and should be good for life???
I am very ulk and never had chemo..but much surgery due to type if cancer..

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  • JinMar


    I've never heard of that. I'd start googling this. You need to know exactly what they are going to do so you can ask questions to the doctors before their plan of action takes place. Sorry I can't be of help...

  • Cin


    I never heard of this but it sounds like bladder cancer. There are RCC oncologist that specialize in this and that is the Dr you want to see. Dr Monty Pal 507 575-6923 in California or Solomon Woldu Texas 214- 645-8300. UT Southwestern. Go on YouTube put in Monty Pal Urethral. Good luck to you. I am an advocate.

  • Cin


    I did hear of it recently. Speak to the urologist or oncologist.

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