does anyone ever feel like there just bot good enough I try telling my self it will be okay but it never does sometimes I feel like I should just leave and go live by myself.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Katty


    I’m sorry to hear ❤️ ❤️ I think everyone feels like that sometimes. I used to feel like that a lot. There is a chance living alone would be better for you if you need more space/alone time. However, if it’s purely because you don’t think you’re good enough to be around people I would recommend a different path. For me the key to feeling better was accepting my neurodivergence fully. Cause you know what: i am not good enough as a NT (neurotypical) person. I am a really really terrible NT person. And trying to be NT was terrible for me. Because I’m not. I’m ND (neurodivergent). There are ways to learn your social deficits, make good friends, and ask them to slightly modify their behavior so that it’s easier for you to engage (stating tone at the end of sentences with subtext. Meeting in more sensory friendly places. Having clear starts/end with something at least vaugley planned. Whatever else works for you.) I also find I get along better with ADHD and ASD people. There’s lots of studies that show ASD/ASD communication has about the same success rate as NT/NT. The issues are NT/ASD communication bc we intuitively communicate differently. If you’re not friends with NDs, ND friends May be a good starting place. All of this is to say: you are good enough. But do you think you’re not good enough bc you aren’t or bc you’re a bad NT?

  • TayTayLove


    I have trouble cohabitating with most people 😥 it's hard I wish I could just be with my mom 24/7

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