What was/is your weirdest tic?

Chronic Tics

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  • jaesun


    staring at people similar to the rock (🤨) meme. wasnt actually staring at them either.

  • MochiBeans


    Oh. Love this question. I call it. “The get up and leave” and my whole body makes this motion like I’m about to leave the chair I’m sitting in. But I actually have no intention of getting up.

  • VareHaruMatori


    I have this tic where I would "stretch" my elbow in a certain way. Most of my tics start from stretching, so it develops quickly. When I stretch my elbow, I stretch it like I was elbowing someone behind me. That sadly has become a problem. 😅 Now I have to be careful with where I'm standing around people and walls.

  • sweetoreo33


    I have one that kinda just... Over takes my whole body, like arm goes up, head goes down, back jolts, and foot stomps. Its wild to see lol

  • Sani


    "I have a fork" and I NEVER have a fork when I say that lol

  • Gunslinger


    I say sweet potato

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