so I've never been diagnosed but it's the closest I've gotten to describing my symptoms. I worry that I'm over analyzing though, when looking at the criteria I practically laugh because when am I not struggling with nearly every one of them but I've always been told I'm analyzing myself too much. how do I tell whether I'm over analyzing?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Applejuiceica


    I found myself also matching closely to the symptoms so I think getting yourself diagnosed by a professional would be the best course of action ❤️

  • Jaznix


    I want to but in my area I can't even get a therapist to call me back and my insurance doesn't cover things like betterhelp so I'm not really sure what to do

  • Applejuiceica


    Have you tried online telehealth psychiatry? One thing that is covered by insurance is PlushCare. I highly recommend it. Not sure if psychiatry is on there but it is worth looking into. Therapy is on there but it is 150/ session. And they do call back

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