I don't like how it immediately raises 20 red flags when I state to people I don't really have anyone I can wholeheartedly trust with any and every symptom or condition I have. Not only is being a huge black sheep in the family one big thing, but to have anything circulate and become known to a degradingly dismissive and toxic bloodline is too much sociological pressure. I wish solutions to issues didn't require a debilitating amount of past issues to resurface to even consider solutions I've already come to years ago. Things just feel like a painful rerun that's inescapable.

Irritability and Anger

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    if there's anything i've learned about bringing up similar things, it's that it's absolutely and truly none of their business what your symptoms & conditions are. your mind/body, your boundaries. they can be upset, suspicious, angry, whatever it makes them feel about it; there's no way to change that in the moment. if they won't listen to your reasons or just the pure fact of your comfortability with sharing such things, then continue to keep it to yourself until you can find that one person you can open up to bit by bit at your own pace, or even not at all and that person doesn't pry about it. you're valid for that option, don't let anyone make you speak if you don't want to. 💜

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