Hi! I just joined alike. How are y’all doing? Tbh I’ve been going through a lot of bottom dysphoria symptoms these days lol

Gender Dysphoria

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  • spicysugar


    Me too dude. It's been AWFUL lately. Just gotta remember whatevers going on dosent make you who you are. You know? Or does that sound like I've been awake for 36 hours?

  • JuniperIsEgg


    I'm really sorry to hear you're experiencing that. A lot of us are right there with you. If you ever want to vent, I'm a tap away 🙌.

  • Crypt6


    I know the feeling. It's top and bottom dysphoria for me though. Hopefully the feeling lessens for you.

  • BlueJ01


    Me too man. I’ve had to start covering up my mirrors and that’s helped a lot so that it’s not the 1st thing I think about when I wake up

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