I have ADHD and I land on the autism spectrum. I've tried a few medications and caffeine but nothing seems effective and I don't want to start Adderall because according to my mother I get addicted too quickly. That brings me to possibly try CBD oil. I brought this up to my mother who thinks it's the same as smoking the plant. She seems to think it will make me more lazy than I already am. When I tried to bring facts to her she basically said I'm too knowledgeable about it and used the same arguments. Can yall help me try to make a better argument to convince my parents.
If it helps I am 22 but I still live with my parents.



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  • katitomato


    It sounds like your mother is being intentionally ignorant on the subject, and there will be no changing her mind. This is for your health, so I think you need to tell her you’re an adult and you’ve done your research. Or, it might sound bad but I would just start to take the cbd and not tell her since this is something very important for your health and livelihood.

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