About hallucinations: Are there hallucinations you can see with your eyes closed?
When I close my eyes I sometimes experience lights or swirls/pulsating visions. I was wondering if this was a form of hallucinating, as I do see similar things to this when I'm hallucinating with my eyes open.


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  • Rainbamboo


    Yes I experience this exclusively with my visual hallucinations when I’m off meds. I would see visions only when I close my eyes. Most of the time they are in the middle of the night or when I’m really tired. At the beginning of my psychosis, I interpreted them religiously and spiritually as messages from God or the Devil, or thought of them as omens or predicting the future or describing the “truth” of a recent situation. I even had a whole charismatic Christian church telling me it was a spiritual gift but that’s a whole other story.. maybe I’ll make a seperate question about that

  • Rainbamboo


    Specifically sometimes I see the same thing as you, like a swirling tunnel of static lights

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