I'm pretty sure me and my boyfriend does have BPD and right now we are in this cycle of where he is once again thinking we should end things we live together and all week he has been very cold very distant and told me yesterday that he doesn't want to have sex or anything but that he will cuddle with me at night and sleep in the bed because he doesn't want to sleep in the living room and I left the house for a few hours came back and then he said he'd changed his mind and he wanted to have sex but stated before that that to him we were already over we were just in relationship limbo to see if he would want to consider going to therapy to fix our relationship what do I do or what can I do and what does it mean he said he would want to keep it casual and still cuddle at night but he still won't say I love you back when I say it or kiss me unless we're doing it help please any advice is appreciated

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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