What do you do when you feel like your conditions are a burden to your family?

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  • KikiKiss


    I'm honest with them about that feeling and express that I need their love and support but also remind myself and them that we are all only human and sometimes my problems can be a lot for them and I don't expect them to help me all the time or are there own, but if they guide me and support me to the professionals who can help me deal better with problems or situations that's okay.

  • GuppyGirl


    I've always been terrified of talking with my family about my health in general, mental and physical. They've never been very supportive but I know they mean well. You know them better than anyone else; if you think they can handle your diagnosis and that they will put forth the effort to help you, then I'd go ahead and tell them. Nothing makes dealing with depression easier then having the people who love and care about you supporting you and your decisions.

  • zeeee


    I just hide it from them. It's really hard. Just makes my condition harder

  • APAS1997


    This is something I have been struggling for quite some time. Because now they understand, but that doesn't mean I also don't affect them daily since I live with them. It is hard on them too, which makes me feel so much worse. Please people, keep commenting on this.

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