Do you guys have a steady job?? And if so, how do you do it? Between my severe hEDS and POTS and all my mental disorders, I find myself sitting on the couch all day unable to work. Any advice? Anyone in a similar situation?

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  • Bijoux_bean22


    I am struggling to find a job that will work with my EDS/ other stuff. Its not going well and I may end up going on disability. I wish you the best of luck and will update if anything comes up.

  • littlebug


    i work front desk at an urgent care. i am sitting mostly, so it's been the best job for me physically

  • Rowboat


    Luckily I can manage 3-5h of work/day and no more than 15h per week. But other than that I have to save any energy for taking care of myself like showering or making dinner. Anything to help make you any less tired for any activities will ultimately help I’m general.

  • Beetlele


    I work in special education as a para, the only walking I do in a day is to classes with kids. I get to sit for most of my day which is the most important thing for me in a job, but I also really love my job! Unfortunately I can’t really do anything else with my day after work though, I’m usually too tired or in too much pain. But I do get weekends and school breaks off which is really good!

  • Kelsi


    I wasn’t ready to stop working when my doctor said it was time, in 2020, so I started all over again in a new field working remotely. I do work full time but it’s really hard, even just sitting at my desk all day can trigger major POTS episodes.

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