hello! I am Meghan and very new to this app! hope to meet some similar people@

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Chronic Pain

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  • NoraLeigh


    Hi Meghan I'm NoraLeigh

  • niceshyguy


    Hi Meghan it's nice to meet you, I'm billy

  • Megh1616


    Hi guys how does this app work? I do not quite understand hehe

    • 0_crimcrow_0


      you mainly just talk to people that are similar or different, it's like public therapy or venting station lol but I just come here when to socialize with someone because I'm lonely lol

  • Basilius


    Hello and welcome.

  • Lizherrera_22


    Hi and welcome

  • Zebrapr


    Hello I see you also deal with depression, social anxiety and chronic pain. So hi I’m free to talk whenever you need

  • DariaFae


    Welcome to the community. It's pretty simple and you'll catch on quick. Most everyone is very nice and easy to talk to. Feel free to DM if you wish. Me anyway lol. Don't know how everyone feel about that... I have had a few people dm me just out the blue. I think it's quite nice. Don't have any actual friends. And I try to check in nightly but I am quite overwhelmed..y issues are a bit much right now... I actually kinda feel low I'm running in circles and not going anywhere or being anything done... per usual this turned I to a long crazy rant... again no real friends and I just got to get my feelings out sometimes. This is a good place to vent and get some friendly advice about just about anything.

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