How can I keep a job with my Syncopy? I have been looking around to find a job that is accommodating. I also have chronic migraines that cause me to miss many days of school. How can I either find a job, or explain that I pass out?

Recurrent Syncope


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  • hoppingspark12


    I have had the same problem. School was extremely hard bc of the days I missed. I was able to get a teacher to come to my house my Jr and senior year. I can say a job is much more difficult I have lost 4 jobs bc of vasovagal. I applied for ssi but kept getting denied so I have to keep loosing jobs.

  • Melsy


    All you have to do is when you are working you have to apply for FMLA. Your job will give you the paperwork and have the doctor fill it out. Legally they are not allowed to do anything to you.

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