hi! i'm oska and i have aspd, i'm just bored and looking for more people to chat with. thanks!

Antisocial personality disorder

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  • zenbabe



  • Ema



  • Cory1988


    Hello, i was diagnosed when I was 13 I think.. somewhere around that age. It just adds to the colorful person I am... and by colorful I mean crazy, scary, and difficult to be around... but I mean we'll, or at least I try to.

    • james_2000


      you can't be diagnosed until your 18... and there's no exceptions to that rule. Like at all..

      • m__


        if you’re under 18 you’re diagnosed w conduct disorder but if ur 18 it’s ASPD when i turned 18 i talked with my psychiatrist about it and they had changed it on my medical profile to say ASPD rather than conduct disorder

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