Do meds make you dependant on them?


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  • DariaFae


    I personally feel medications are always a crutch. But think about it if you break you leg you kinda need crutches.... Sometimes we might need some kind of medicine to help and once we are ok enough and mentally ready we can always make sure it's safe and slowly wean off. With a bad experience I've had I am terrified to try medicine again. I can't fall into old ways which the medicine made me. It wasn't right and I just very slowly stopped and never got back. Things are better but the lows are very low and very long. I need help but I'm scared to try to find help. I was just about to talk to my doctor but she left the practice and I need another one. I just got comfortable with that one and I'm just soo lost , afraid, tired, depressed everything bad and just don't know what to do. It's affecting my job but it's brand new so they don't even know or realize. I just feel soo alone. Also I had 2 doctors I really talked to that I love and they both I found out was gone and leaving in the same day. I cried for 2 days over that. It sounds soo silly but it really hurts that bad. I don't have friends or anyone to turn to now I have noone again.

  • ShoobyDoobyDoo91


    I don't feel dependent on them but I know I need them does that make sense? Like if i skip doses my bi polar and anxiety go bezerk and I don't like how mean I become like I was before I started taking my mood med. Years ago. I feel like for the safety of myself and others I should take them. My mind can be scary 😨

  • Fearfulheart1


    I've noticed if I don't take my Zoloft I get a migraine that is horrid so I guess I'm a little dependent on it

  • DariaFae


    I know exactly what you mean. It is needed. And as long it is needed you are going to have to keep on them. The question is why you want to stop if it helps. Me personally I hated being on medication but I was on like 10 kinds and got myself off very slowly. Truthfully I should be on something to help but last time I thought everything was good but I started doing a lot of coke and was drinking a lot more. I was much more careless in jot a good way. It was horrible and I am not going back. I'm terrified if I get back on medication I will start drinking and trying to get drugs again. I've been so low lately though and it's not breaking off. Unless I'm spending money or doing something I shouldn't... Simply you know you and you need to keep safe. Maybe you need a different kind of medication? If there's something you don't like...

  • Lucas.exe


    I dont think I'm dependent on them but I can definitely tell when they aren't working haha

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