I have been suffering from IBS for years. still can't figure it out. I eat what I'm supposed to but yet it feels like nothing works. any suggestions?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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  • Fortyone


    Cutting out dairy has helped some. I use a company called “So Delicious”. They have dairy free ice cream & cheese that I’ve tried. Pretty good. Tastes almost like the real thing. Have you tried A2 milk? Doesn’t bother at all. I also drink Turmeric tea at night and that helps tremendously!

  • binkyyy


    have u tried cbt therapy ? a major part of managing ibs is working on the nervous system and practicing mindfulness u can try the nerva or mahana app or just search on youtube or spotify for therapy/meditation sessions

    • Jwamp


      I will do that thank you

    • Lainey1951


      Yes I believe that anxiety has a lot to do with it..not just food allergies

  • Lucky_H


    I found that ibs treatments are so different for individuals so I’ve been experimenting with many ideas. Mine is maybe somehow connected with microbial overgrowth due to motility issues from adhesions. Sometimes I’ll get an antibiotic for specifically that (kills off bad microbes). Or for a sinus infection. Has the same positive effect! I know it seems odd but it’s one of the things that I did that helped. Had to take a breath test to get the overgrowth data.

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