Hi, what are some natural ways to help pain coming from hypermobility syndrome (and possible EDS)


Hypermobility Syndromes


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  • SJP


    Gentle massage, non-hyperextended yoga poses, heat and cold packs for inflammation and tenderness, giving tired/achy joints extra support (ace bandage, KT tape) and rest.

  • Mommaspoondani


    B100 complex (with b2, b3, b5,6 and 12), CBD and Yerba mate are what keeps my pain at a minimum. I still have a LOT of subluxations in my large joints (hips, spine and shoulders) but I haven’t had issues with my elbows, ankles or fingers recently. Over the years things that worked in the past have stated causing flares (ex- yoga, stretching, light cardio like biking or swimming). I can still hula hoop with light hoops, swim leisurely and walk for short distances.

  • Elora36


    Heat but not for more that 15min at a time. Magnesium, b vitamins, vitamin D and omegas. Low inflammation diet (ie less dairy alcohol gluten fried food etc) Don’t sit for too long, it’s important to keep your blood circulating to bring oxygen etc to the areas of pain so they heal. Set timers every time you sit/lie down and get up and move around gently. I do 30min sitting, 10min moving but whatever works for you. It has made a big difference for me. Be gentle with yourself, and find a Pyisical therapist that specializes in hyper mobility. Instagram is a surprisingly good place to find them.

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