this might be kinda niche, but does anyone with hypermobility do pole? looking for any ideas on grip aids. I have a titanium 45mm, I use rubbing alcohol and Dry Hands ***often***, and I am perpetually sliding off the pole. like, I'm using Dry Hands while spinning on static pole because without it I just slide straight to the floor

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • MaggieQuinn


    A very niche question, but one I️ can answer 😂 Mighty Grip gloves help SO much, and iTAC2 is also a life saver! My friend uses Monkey Hands and I️ tried it once and immediately ordered some for myself.

    • cozybunbun


      I'm gonna look into all of that!!! I've been thinking of looking into grippy leggings too.

      • MaggieQuinn


        oh grippy leggings are a MUST! They take so much pressure off your hands and arms, and make tricks like sitting hands free on the pole a LOT easier, the ones I️ have are only grippy on the inside of my thighs so that I’m still able to spin on a static pole, and you’ll immediately look better on a spinning pole!

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