Anyone else feel so alone?


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  • silverblues


    All the time. 💕

  • me3mae


    Yes. I'm very isolated

  • Crowley


    Absolutely! All the time. If anyone wants to direct message me to have someone to talk to I’m 100% down. I like talking to other people who are on the same wavelength when it has to do with feeling extremely depressed or alone, or those who have overcome it. It makes you feel that much more connected in the end. The way I look at it, if you’re struggling or have overcome struggles, that makes you a real one amidst this sea of fake a$$ people

  • KittyKatKuo


    I could surround myself with people or a crowd and still feel more alone than ever. The inner isolation is suffocating, like your stumbling around in the dark blindly.

  • SerpentinaSolis


    I absolutely do. Especially the last few days. ❤️

  • Rosita


    I live with my family and I still feel alone but sometimes that’s a good thing

  • bomb


    yeah, even though i have so many supports

  • Karly_Cook


    Yesss! I’m always here to listen!

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