Hello. I'm a 64 year old male. Have not been officially diagnosed yet
NY neurologist has ordered a dat scan brain MRI and cervical spine MRI. Very concerned about this condition. No energy still trying to work till 65. 4 more months.



Parkinson’s Disease

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  • Svynne


    The only test for Parkinson’s is to take at carbidopa/livadopa dopamine and if you feel better then you probably have Parkinson’s Tell him to write a script if you regain your lost energy good if not it didn’t hurt anything and you didn’t have Parkinson’s

    • Nof


      😥if you could try not to take the medication just excersize and eat healthy. No sweets no bread absolutely no cheese. No sausages no can foods no salami bologna or processed food eat real chicken salmon steak eggs salads with lemon and olive oil and do boxing class and puzzles walk daily if not 3 times/ week. God bless 🙏

      • Nof


        Also spinach and blueberry anti oxidants. And vitamin B1 and B12 excellent source of energy

  • slick


    Do you arms swing when you walk if not you have a good chance it's Parkinsons. I know this sounds ridiculous but it's true I never noticed that while walking my arms Do not swing until my neurologist question me that's not something you think about checking til need be. Dr. Said that's why Parkinsons patients fall because arms aren't swinging because if arms are swinging while walking that's what balances our body

  • Lefty723


    Loss of smell and no arm swinging as well as excess salava in you mouth. There’s about 12-15 strong symptoms you can find on the internet to self diagnose like I did. Oh yeah. Extremely stiff muscles especially in the back.

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