I am really struggling today.

Like, woke up feeling really blue and overwhelmed and tired and I haven't even done anything.

And then comes the anger and the lashing out at people that I care about because I don't know how to deal with my emotions.

I'm not having a good day. Talking to people isn't helping. Isolating myself definitely isn't helping. I've tried all the strategies that have helped before and I'm still sitting here crying and my chest is hurting because I'm fighting off an anxiety attack and I can feel the downward spiral starting and that makes me more anxious..

I don't know what to do 😥

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Linzer


    I’m feeling the exact same way. I’m pushing people away because of my anxiety and I want to shut down. I’m currently trying to find ways to keep me calm like activity & self confidence books, sensory app games that distract me, and looking forward to the next day. I hope any of this helps, feel free to reach out so we’re not alone in this ❤️

    • AyKay


      I appreciate your reply. Knowing that I'm not alone really helps. I'm going to find a game I can play for a while, probably get my coloring books out, work in my garden, hang out with my dog. Put as little on my plate as I possibly can today so I can focus on myself. If you need to reach out, feel free to do so. My thoughts are with you as well.

  • Ariel84


    I had dealt with that to you just have to stay calm open your window and get fresh air

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