I think I'm in denial. denial that I can live independently with my baby. ( i have a 4 month old ) maybe it's just an urge I keep having. I get this urge to move away from everybody I know. but my mom told me today that she's afraid of what might happen if we move away alone. like that might be a red flag to cps if one of my doctors or case workers reported me for some reason. because I take medication for schizophrenia & I'm on social security so I have to keep up with my medical appointments. even though I don't work I got put on a wait-list for section 8 but I'm just feeling disappointed that my family doesn't think that's a good idea. I need somebody to give me a reality check so I can understand where my family is coming from & so I'll stop trying to figure out a way to leave everybody & prevent me from making a bad decision.

Bipolar disorder with psychotic features

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  • Buffy4ever


    Does your family help? Babysit or help with bills?

  • Buffy4ever


    If they're helping support you, do not leave.

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