Does anyone know how to combat depression and being disinterested in everything and unmotivated because of it?


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  • Gonzy


    Watch anime

  • Syd.The.Space.Sloth


    It's small victories that matter--changing your clothes, taking a shower, making yourself something. It's okay to go easy on yourself. Try to get yourself outside, go on a walk, people watch if that's what you like. Try to do things you enjoy, like listening to music (helpful if it isn't depressing), drawing, writing, coloring, those kinds of things. It's really hard, so just go easy on yourself and do what you can <3

  • Oboeplaya94


    @Syd I wish I could ‘love’ your comment a million times because it’s so true!!!

  • BigPapa2713



  • Anth


    My disinterest didn't go away until I got out of school. I went to work and felt better. Even working two or three days a week, being able to talk to different people with different interests helped me find what I liked. The routine of it all [school] was weighing me down. Give it time. You will get there. Don't feel sorry for yourself- you are fighting for your future self. I know waiting is the hardest because I had to wait, too, but just keep at it, get a routine, sit on the porch. Just a change of scenery will change so much

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